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James (Tiny) Little: An Atlantic Ocean Rower and fundraiser for the Davenport Trust.

Rowing the Atlantic Ocean

On 20 January 2005 at 10 a.m., Norwich publican, James (Tiny) Little will set out in a small ocean rowing boat from La Gomera in the Canary Isles on a 3,000 mile Atlantic voyage to the Caribbean Island of Antigua. Alone and unsupported he will be at sea for one hundred days.

Tiny is rowing the Atlantic Ocean to raise funds for Norfolk based charity The Davenport Trust, which is helping young people who suffer from depression.

This web site will follow his challenge from conception of the Atlantic row project, the meticulous planning, both for Tiny and his specially prepared ocean rowing boat, charting progress right through the Atlantic voyage to the finish in Antigua.

Please see below for more information about ocean rowing, Womble – Tiny's ocean rowing boat, the biology of the Atlantic Ocean, Tiny's preparations, the special rowing equipment, estimated voyage course and his charity, the Davenport Trust. 

Tiny's ocean rowing boat, named womble, during testing on the calm waters of the Norfolk Broads
Tiny's ocean rowing boat, named womble, during testing on the calm waters of the Norfolk Broads.*

Tiny's Ocean Rowing Boat

The 24 ft ocean rowing boat, that will be Tiny's home for 100 days on the Atlantic Ocean in 2005, is a specially prepared vessel designed for Ocean Racing. [ + ]


The Atlantic Ocean Voyage

Find out more about Tiny's planned course across the Atlantic Ocean and the wildlife he is expected to encounter on the row. [ + ]

Navigation and Risks at Sea

There is a vast array of both high-tech and more conventional navigation aids to carry aboard the Womble, Tiny's Ocean rowing boat. These will help guide him across the Atlantic Ocean and avoid the many hazards at sea. [ + ]

Preparation and Supplies

Planning for this type of adventure is meticulous and Tiny must prepare both physically and mentally for the challenge. He must also load his boat with enough supplies to last for at least 100 days of rowing. [ + ]

The Davenport Trust

Tiny's Atlantic Row is supporting the Davenport Trust, a recently formed charity for young people suffering from depression. Learn more about the charity and its aims here. [ + ]

Online Donations

Support the Davenport Trust and Tiny's Atlantic Ocean Row with an online donation using your credit card. [ + ]

Support the Project and Get Involved

As well as financial donations, the project welcomes equipment and services from new sponsors. [ + ] 

Tiny's Atlantic Ocean Row Sponsors

The rapidly expanding list of corporate and individual sponsors will be profiled here. See what good company you will be in when you make your donation. [ + ]

The Ocean Rowing Society

Tiny's Atlantic Row is being supported by the Ocean Rowing Society to help ensure the project runs to plan. More information about the society and their work here. [ + ]

Atlantic Explorers and History

For hundreds of years inspirational explorers, like Columbus and Magellan have navigated the Atlantic Ocean. Learn more about their adventures and recent rowing voyages across the Atlantic. [ + ]


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Visit Tiny's pub website: The Alexandra Tavern
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